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Please take a moment to read this before sending a message.

If you just want to say hi or tell me something (or do business, of course) I'd genuinely love to hear from you. There's no publisher or secretarial service handling my correspondence, just me, but I do reply to all mail eventually. I've put as much "self service" info on this web site as possible to save people the hassle of waiting if all they want is a few facts. It's mostly in the FAQs and Writers' Stuff, but there's information on every page as well as in my blog.

If you're expecting a reply but you don't get one, it might be the ferocity of the spam filter on my server, so ping me via Twitter or Facebook. I check the spam trap daily, but sometimes it swallows messages for no good reason. It seems prone to choking on Gmail lately.

So... if you're asking specific questions,
please check that your query isn't already covered in the FAQs or in Writers' Stuff first. I really don't enjoy having to say no to students, but I can't help you with projects – it's time that I don't have, alas. For legal reasons, I can't look at any ideas or suggestions you have for stories, give individual advice on writing, or look at outlines, manuscripts, or any other work. I can't help you with Mando'a, costuming advice, or do translations either. Sorry.

Okay, if you've got this far -- send me a message on the form below.
Please check your e-mail address before you hit send. I often find I can't reply because there's a character missing or mis-typed. (We all do it. I know I do.) Sometimes I can see the problem and guess the correct address, but not often.

Snail mail via publishers usually takes months to get forwarded and some has taken more than a year. I suspect some never reaches me at all, especially now that I've gone feral and run away from traditional publishing to ply my trade in other bazaars. So the most reliable route is to send mail to me at:

Karen Traviss
Suite 6631
PO Box 7169
BH15 9EL

Alas, I can't accept books mailed to me for signing because they get lost in the post too often, either inbound or outbound, and I hate upsetting people. I can do bookplates, though. They seldom go AWOL. There's no need to send an SAE with a letter, because Royal Mail won't accept foreign stamps anyway. I can cover that. Just e-mail me.

And, of course, there's always
Twitter or Facebook. You can always get in touch with me on either site, either by messaging me directly, or by posting if you don't mind the world and his dog seeing it.