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FK montage The first issue of Furie’s Key will be published later this year, in print and digital editions. It’s a collaboration with Frank Fentress of 412 Comics : art is by Steve Kurth, my old mate from the G.I. Joe days, Brian Reber is the colourist, and inks are by Allen Martinez. So we’ve kind of got the band back together again. There’ll be a preview edition of the series available soon.

Furie’s Key is set in a medieval world where magic-based technology has suddenly catapulted the superpower of Thress into an early industrial revolution. The problem is that it’s reliant on a community of mages, the descendants of prisoners of war taken 500 years ago when ordinary men fought to overthrow the rule of both mages and gods, and won. The mages lead a comfortable life in the glittering capital: for some, though, that’s not enough. When word reaches them that they’re not the last of their craft, the situation begins to unravel.

In the middle of this growing unrest, a young woman hasn’t given up on the search for her missing brother, lost while serving in the Regiment of Venators. She’s talked her way into the regiment. She serves alongside the men whose duty is to police the potential dangers of magic and mages. But her pledge to her dying father that she’d bring her brother home – or give him a proper burial – takes her to places no human being was meant to go, in the company of a man who’s on a mission of his own to dig up the past. Everybody wants to know the truth: about the war, about the missing, about what’s really in a top-security vault called the Repository. But not everybody will like what they find. The truth doesn’t always set you free.


Page from Furie's Key preview
Here’s your chance to read the free preview issue. It features prologue-length stories of both FURIE’S KEY (story by yours truly, art by Steve Kurth) and FERAL, another new universe from 412 comics, written by John Barber with art by Ron Joseph.

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