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  • How would you have wrapped up Imperial Commando #2 if you hadn't pulled out of it?
    I'm just an ordinary civilian like you in SW terms now, so what follows has no validity and it isn't spoilers. It's just stuff that was in my notebook – there's no outline and no manuscript. I'm posting it because almost everyone who mails me about Star Wars wants to know how the next Commando book would have turned out. Well, it would have been artificially packed with thread resolutions. for a start, because the Commando series was based on the old canon and originally designed to run a lot longer. So if I'd been allowed to write book #2 in the old canon, I would have had to tie up a lot of things prematurely in a final book, and that's not quite where the book would have gone under normal circumstances.

    Also, there's no guarantee that this would have been the shape of the final book anyway. When I write, I think I know roughly where the characters are heading, but they often surprise me. I always follow where they lead, so they might well have gone off on another tangent. But, for what it's worth, these are the bullet points, in no particular order. I hope it gives you some closure. If you don't like the way it ended, then you have the comfort that it never happened anyway.


    Jusik has to rub Arla’s memory to enable her to cope with her trauma. Afterwards, she doesn’t remember being Arla Fett or what happened to her family, but she knows who she is – she just doesn’t feel the pain of memory. Jusik marries her.

    Skirata and Altis team up, and the Nulls help Altis fake his own death to escape. Scout is adopted by Gilamar and Uthan, but she remains a Jedi with Altis’s sect.

    Skirata and Ny marry, as do Gilamar and Uthan.

    Maze and Zey (unrubbed memory) go off and become the Starsky and Hutch of the galaxy with Altis, along with Kina Ha. (Also unrubbed – Skirata reaches some kind of peace with at least some Kaminoans.)

    Uthan perfects the treatment to stop the clones’ accelerated aging.

    Darman comes back, kidnaps Kad, and goes on the run. Niner deserts and joins the clan at Kyrimorut.

    The Death Watch find out that Gilamar killed Priest, and go hunting for Skirata’s clan.

    Rede turns out to be a loyal and not-all-that-naive trooper and Skirata is forced to kill him to save the others, an act that haunts him for the rest of his life.

    The clan is forced to flee off-planet in a ba’slan shev’la (strategic disappearance) to evade the Empire.

    Darman shows up again with Kad and joins them as they disappear.

    LONG TERM: my three Legacy of the Force books – Bloodlines, Sacrifice, and Revelation – are set roughly sixty years later, and feature some of the characters from the Commando books. So between the plot points listed above and the material in those novels, you can work out a fair bit about what happened.

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