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FK montage Furie's Key was supposed to launch in 2018, one of several series from a new publisher called 412 Comics. Alas, like so many new comics ventures, the company hit a few road bumps and – at the time of writing – none of the series have appeared. Still, the company paid me for the four issues I wrote, which is more than some multimillion-dollar book publishers managed to do, and I had a blast working with artist Steve Kurth, my old mate from the G.I. Joe days. I opted to take back the story elements that I'd created for the series (which was a collaboration) and turn them into novels under a different title, so keep an eye out for those in the next few years. Anyway, it's a shame that nobody got to see more than the four-page prelim of Furie's Key, because it was an epic medieval thriller with great characters, but Steve and I had a lot of fun doing those unpublished issues.


Page from Furie's Key preview

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