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RATING: violence and moderately strong language.
infinity edge

Plenty to explore in this complex universe where the good guys do very bad stuff too, and the most human of beings isn't even organic. The Kilo-Five Trilogy follows those saucy spooks of the Office of Naval Intelligence and splendid special forces marines called ODSTs. "The Navy's here!" And if you get that reference, then you'll love this trilogy.

HALO-Glasslands HC[2]

Book 1
GLASSLANDS (Tor, October 25, 2011.)
New York Times bestseller.


Book 2
THE THURSDAY WAR (Tor, October 2 ,2012.
New York Times bestseller.

Book 3
MORTAL DICTATA (Tor, January 2014.)
New York Times bestseller.


There's also a collection of shorter works available, EVOLUTIONS. Check out my novella in it, HUMAN WEAKNESS. (Tor, November 2009.) New York Times bestseller.