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Meet the cast of THE BEST OF US

The characters are on very different sides, but they have one thing in common: nobody volunteered. The world's on borrowed time and they're making the best they can of a very bad job. But there's an escape route about to open, with a price they can't begin to imagine.

Sergeant Chris Montello doesn't want to save the world, just the evacuees he's rescued from a war-torn city. Nobody gets left behind. He has a past and it's not pretty, but he's the right man in the right place.

Dr Annis Kim made her way halfway across the world the hard way to do her duty. Now she's either the biggest threat to the Nomad project or the only person who can save it. The jury's out.

Georgina Erskine's dying father passed control of a giant tech company to her along with all its dirty secrets. It's devoured her life. In old age, she's realising the hard choices it's going to force on her.

Major Dan Trinder has never been tested in combat. He knows he's a desk soldier in a world of warfighters. But it's a case of step up or die for him and his troops.

Captain Bridget Ingram has woken from cryogenic suspension to find things back home have changed a bit since her ship left Earth. For a start, she's dead. But things can only get better.

Solomon is unique, but that's because every other autonomous AI like him has been destroyed to protect humans. He's got one job: to select the best of mankind and save it. And he isn't going to quit.

...and you'll be meeting many more characters over the course of the series.