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Coming soon: HERE WE STAND (Nomad #3)
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It’s not Earth. It’s not safe. And they don't know if they can trust each other.

Opis is now home to a reluctant band of evacuees in mankind’s most distant outpost, Nomad Base, and there’s no going back to an Earth brought to its knees by bioterrorism. Should Nomad's citizens offer their old world a lifeline by sharing a groundbreaking alien drive technology, and create an exodus that'll overwhelm them, or should they keep Earth’s problems at arm’s length from what might be humanity’s last chance to start over? Someone’s already stirred up a stew of complications by making contact with Earth, and another alien faction has found the base. Who can they trust to be their ally?

Whatever happens, they’re not going anywhere. It’s a red line. Here they stand, or die.

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Out now: MOTHER DEATH (Nomad #2)

The sequel to THE BEST OF US

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NEW: my short story anthology VIEW OF A REMOTE COUNTRY is now available in hardcover (ISBN 978-1-912247-09-7) and a new paperback edition (ISBN 978-1-912247-10-3,) both available to order from bookstores.

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Book one of the NOMAD series. Half the world's a wasteland. The other half is on borrowed time. And a hundred-year-old AI will decide who'll be saved for a new start on a distant planet. He only wants THE BEST OF US.
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Book one of the RINGER series, GOING GREY. Genetic experiments, big money, men behaving badly, and women behaving worse.
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BLACK RUN, book two in the RINGER series. Book three SACRIFICIAL RED was delayed — all my fault —then 2020 happened. And 2021. And 2022. But it's coming. I promise.
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