This stunning page (below) is by comics legend and all-round good guy Colin Wilson, from the first comic in tmy Gears series. He was the first comics artist I’d ever worked with. For a noob comics writer, it just doesn’t get any better than that. We had a number of artists, but a lot of the issues were done by the excellent Pop Mhan. He’s another nice bloke. Artists really are a joy to work with.

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I wrote two series – Pendulum Wars and Dirty Little Secrets. All the issues are available in a hardcover compilation from DC Comics, GEARS OF WAR Book 3

Issues 15 through 18
DC Comics

Four stories about the war over imulsion reserves that tore Sera apart for eight decades before the Locust emerged - how its events shaped the Gears of War characters and the events following E-Day. Find out why Adam Fenix turned his back on the army, why Colonel Hoffman will never be happy being a deskbound soldier, and why Marcus Fenix... well, why Marcus is Marcus.

(Issues 15 to 18)
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DC Comics, issues 19 through 24.
Six stories that cover the period between the sinking of Jacinto at the end of Gears 2 and the opening of Gears 3 - the exile of the refugees struggling to deal with the growing threat of the Lambent. If you want to know how Delta Squad copes with living on board a helicopter carrier, and get answers to some of the questions you won't find in the games or the novels, then this series is a must-read.

(Issues 19 to 24)
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