Please take a moment to read this before sending a message. Especially if you use Gmail. If you have an alternative address, it's probably better to use that, because Gmail gives me no end of problems.

If you just want to say hi or tell me something, I'd genuinely love to hear from you. There's no publisher or secretarial service handling my correspondence, and I'm officially old now, so my response will probably not be fast. I've put as much self-service info on this web site as possible to save people the hassle of a long wait if all they want is a few facts rather than a conversation.

1. Please check the FAQs first. If you're looking for Star Wars info, it's all in there. If it's not in there, I'm unlikely to have anything extra to add if you mail me, because it's been at least fifteen years and I've forgotten it, so you'll almost certainly get a "Sorry, Dave, I can't do that" reply.

2. If you're contacting me from a Gmail address, there's a chance my reply won't reach you unless you add my address to your Primary tab. If you subscribe to my news bulletin, you might not get that either, so please check your promotions and junk folders and whitelist it if it's fallen in there. Gmail often drops my messages in Promotions, even personal stuff I send to my editor. This is the equivalent of your postman waving a sheaf of letters at you before dumping them in a bin and saying, "I know you probably wanted some of these, but I read them and decided that you didn't, and I know best." Then he'd get a visit from the cops.

3. If you're expecting an answer but you haven't received one, not even in your junk or promotions folders that you've already diligently checked, contact me via Twitter/X DM (I'm @karentraviss) or through Goodreads messages. I don't post on Twitter these days but my DMs are still open. You can talk to me via DMs anyway, even if you haven't tried to contact me by e-mail.

Specific things I can't help you with, alas, and I'm afraid there are no exceptions:

* Reading your manuscript or giving advice – too many legal issues, let alone the amount of time, of which I'm running very short. (Same goes for sending me ideas – it's a legal minefield so I have to delete them unread. Plus I already have far too many of my own.) And what do I know anyway?

* Mando'a – it's been at least fifteen years since I last worked on it and I've forgotten 99% of it. You know more than I do now.

* Books or other objects for signing: sorry, I can't accept items for signing, and I can't send or sell signed books. I can send you signed bookplates, though. Reason: too many items lost even with tracking result in too much hassle and disappointment. Bookplates, however, make it to their destination 99% of the time. I apologise, but as I said, there are no exceptions.

So, having read all that, you can hit the button to send me a message.
If you prefer pen and paper, send a letter to the address below. You don't need to enclose stamps or an SAE. I can cover that. Don't forget to include your address for a reply, and please write it at the top of the letter itself, like a formal letter – if you only write it on the envelope, by the time it's passed through international mail it's often illegible. An e-mail address is helpful as well, just in case there's something urgent I need to ask before I respond. (It has happened.)

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